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The Metal Trader is an online marketplace for scrap metal. It not only gives suppliers and buyers access to the global market of metals but also offers solutions for payments, transport and inspections.

Why subscribe to The Metal Trader?

  • access to the world's best suppliers and buyers
  • easy to find due to material and geographical selection
  • clear up-to-date advertisements with actual material pictures
  • auction function option with timer
  • works on desktop, tablet or telephone
  • manage your time with the option 'timeframe'
  • experienced specialists can help you as backup
  • secure alternative shipment and payment with 3PS
  • less transportation costs with 3PT
  • easy arranged and cheap inspection with 3PI

To find out if your company can become a member, click here

If your company is approved you will receive an e-mail with a registration link, click on it and you will get a free 1 month trial account with no further obligations and access to the website. After 1 month your account will be automatically terminated unless you confirm a paid subscription.


How does it work?

Once you are registered to The Metal Trader for a free trial account you will be asked to complete your account and here you can specify the following preferences:

  • how to be contacted (e-mail or telephone or both), only the chosen option will show in your advertisements
  • when to be contacted (you can choose ASAP or a certain day and hour)
  • your prefered payment- and incoterms which will be automatically shown in your offers
  • if you want to offer your materials as an undisclosed supplier (contact details only visible for clients in that specific group)
  • the language(s) you speak will be automatically shown in your offers

Afterwards you can click 'Offer' in the central screen and make your advertisement. You can specify your offer as accurate as you want, the deal however has to be finalized between you and the buyer, The Metal Trader is no part in that. Of course you can always ask our specialists for advise.



Buyers can just click 'Search' in the central screen, set filters for certain area's and grades and the offers you are looking for will show up in the central screen.



3P 3rd Party options

If you found a client for your offer but you don't have the experience and/or resources to sell to certain destinations you can ask a quotation for transport or inspections in the therefor designated modules. Our database contains multiple transport companies, agents and inspectors specialised in scrap metal who contact you directly with their best quotation.

Additional services

The Metal Trader also offers additional services: besides searching for the best conditions through our online marketplace you can also offer your materials directly to The Metal Trader and we will act as a commission broker. Just send an e-mail with a clear description of the materials, the quantity, origin and minimum 3 clear pictures to and we will try to find the best price / conditions suitable for you. With our worldwide client base and the small commission we ask per MT in that case our pricing should be more than competitive. These offers won't be shown on the website and you will receive our best price and conditions in return by e-mail. In addition we can as well arrange transport, documentation, inspection and in limited cases offer a payment solution in case you need any of those services. Offers need to comply with the house rules so only complete vessel(s), (multiple) complete truck/container loads or material which is packed in bigbags or on pallets can be handled.