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House rules

The Metal Trader tries to offer an online marketplace which is plain and clear for her subscribers and our goal is that only serious sellers and buyers have access to the website. To achieve that we set a couple of house rules all users have to accede :
  • An offer should contain minimum 3 present-day pictures
  • The material pictures have to be clear and distinct
  • Double advertisements for the same material from the same supplier will be deleted
  • Every offer will disappear after 7 days to keep the offers up-to-date
  • Each offer should be a complete vessel, (multiple) complete truck/container loads or material which is packed in big bags or on pallets
  • Every offer should be possible to load in 1 month from contract date
  • Total value of the material in an advertisement is maximum 2,500,000 usd
  • The Metal Trader continuously monitors suppliers and clients, in case we receive complaints we will examine and ask for feedback from both parties, if we receive multiple complaints about a user a ban can be imposed