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To offer one of your grades please start with completing your account. Here you can determine the standards which also show automatically in your offers, for example how you want to be contacted and which conditions are accepted by you. Here you can also maintain current offers.

To make a new offer please click on ‘Offer’ in the central screen and choose/fill in the required data as well as current pictures of the materials. Some fields are mandatory, some you can also leave empty. Pictures are mandatory as we want to provide the buyers a good idea of the actual offer. Once an offer is ready click on ‘Offer’ and your offer will be shown online.

Offers will be online for maximum 1 week as we strive to only show actual offers to the buyers. This also prevents buyers to contact suppliers over and over for offers which are sold already. Click on ‘remove’ in your account when you achieved to sell your materials, click on ‘change’ when you want to amend your offer. Try to use the option ‘timeframe’ in your account to limit the time buyers can contact you for a certain offer, this option can be useful as it provides you more time to concentrate on other activities.

If you are subscribed to 'The Metal Trader PRO' you can choose to offer materials online, or mail them directly to > 100 clients in our database selected by grade, or offer both online and to clients, to find the best conditions at that moment from the best processors and smelters in the world.