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3PS Neutral 3rd party shipment and payment

3PI3PS Neutral 3rd party shipment and payment provides you with security your materials will be delivered and paid for or in the worst case retrieve your materials or money. 3PS works with a neutral yard to which buyers can send their materials. The goods will be checked and stay blocked until the seller has received the payment. As soon as the seller has received the payment the goods will be released and shipped to the buyer. The seller has the security he will receive the payment or remain owner of his goods. If the buyer and seller cannot find an agreement on the quality of the delivered goods the seller will retrieve the delivered goods. This solution gives buyers and sellers the opportunity to work together without expensive common payment conditions like credit insurance, L/C’s, CAD through bank or insecure (pre)payments.

To apply for a 3PS Neutral 3rd Party Shipment & Payment please go to the therefor designed module and click on ‘Apply for 3PS Shipment & Payment’. Both parties need a subscription to use this shipment & payment option. The Metal Trader works with fixed ultimate periods the money has to be received on the account (10 days after delivery), the goods have to be delivered at the delivery or inspection place (30 days) and the validation from the supplier and buyer (45 days). In case the validations are received earlier the goods will be shipped immediately (within 10 days). In some cases national regulations or shipping time require a different approach, for those situations The Metal Trader will inform you and propose alternatives.

3PS Neutral 3rd party shipment & payment can be combined with 3PT Neutral 3rd party transport and/or 3PI 3rd party inspection and provide a A-Z solution for your trading. 3PS Neutral 3rd party shipment and payment will only be available in a select number of countries starting in 2017.